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Equipment Guide - Socket, Absorb, Transfer, Merge, Enhance, Refine

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  • Equipment Guide - Socket, Absorb, Transfer, Merge, Enhance, Refine

    Just thought I'd write a quick guide, so many people asking questions and there is nowhere to direct them to! I'll probably touch this up later and add pictures etc

    There are 10 equipment slots available to your character right from level 1, these are for your Helm, Ring, Belt, Armour, Main Weapon, Offhand Weapon, Amulet, Gloves, Boots and Greaves. The stats on these pieces of equipment stays the same for every piece of equipment, but the stat on your offhand changes depending on class. (Mage - MP, Warrior - Armour, Hunter - Crit)
    As for what piece of equipment gives what, and what that particular stat does:

    Helm - PRES or Physical Resistance - This allows you to negate a percentage of physical damage.
    Ring - MP or Mana Points - MP is used to cast all your skills, the higher your MP, the higher your MP regeneration per turn.
    Belt - HP or Health Points - HP is your total life, when it depletes to 0 you lose the battle. (Unless your ally is still alive)
    Armour - Armour - This allows you to negate a percentage of both physical damage and magical damage.
    Main Weapon - DMG or Damage - This is used to measure the amount of damage your basic attacks and skills do.
    Amulet - MRES or Magical Resistance - This allows you to negate a percentage of magical damage.
    Gloves - Crit - This increases your chance to land a critical hit, which deals 180% damage before modifiers.
    Boots - DGE or Dodge - This increases your chance to dodge hits, reducing damage to 0 (It still counts as a hit on the opponent, just reduces damage dealt to 0, this means that if you dodge an opponent whilst using Ice Armour, you can still freeze your opponent)
    Greaves - Armour - This allows you to negate a percentage of both physical damage and magical damage.

    There are 5 rarities of equipment you can obtain:

    Common: Has no character stats
    Uncommon: Has one character stat
    Rare: Has two character stats
    Epic: Has three character stats
    Legendary: Has all four character stats

    Note: Character stats are STR/INT/AGI/VIT

    You can equip gear up to 10 levels higher than your own, but not higher!

    There are 4 available sockets on each piece of equipment. Equipment starts off with 0-2 of these open, whilst the rest are closed.

    Opening slot 1: Costs a small fee of gold, which increases depending on the level of the equipment
    Opening slot 2: Costs 1 Bronze Chisel, acquired through smelt, Guild shop, Arena Shop and Chests
    Opening slot 3: Costs 1 Silver Chisel, acquired through smelt, Guild Shop, Arena Shop and Chests
    Opening slot 4: Costs 1 Gold Chisel, acquired through smelt, Arena shop and Chests

    There are 4 types of jewels you can socket into these slots, they are:

    Ruby - Increases SRT
    Opal - Increases INT
    Jade - Increases AGI
    Amber - Increases VIT

    You can only socket one of each type in a single piece of equipment.

    This feature allows you to absorb other relics into your chosen relic to level them up. Each relic gives 1 experience. Normal relics will only grant exp to Normal relics, whereas relics bought with Creds can only be leveled with other relics which have been bought with Creds.

    This feature allows you to transfer the stats of one relic, to a non-relic piece of equipment, note that this is only possible if the equipment is of the same type. For example, boots to boots, helm to helm, Hunter bow to Warrior sword.

    This feature allows you to merge the stats of a normal relic, with a relic bought with creds, allowing one piece of equipment to have two unique relic stats. Note that this is only possible if the equipment is of the same type.

    This feature allows you to enhance a piece of equipment to increase its base stat (The value increases depending on the rarity of the equipment, up to +10% per level if the equipment is legendary). It costs a large sum of gold and valcu, which increases every level it is upgraded. Level 10 enhance is max for one piece of equipment.

    This feature allows you to reroll the STR/INT/AGI/VIT stats on a piece of equipment for a small fee, the fee increases depending on the level of equipment.

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    most of this information can be found on help screen in game if you are going to make a guide post some advise you wouldn't be able to find from the game itself


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      Yeah I wrote this before I went to sleep, going to write one on advancing fast, what to spend gems on, how to get stronger etc etc


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        The question I have about the relic bonuses is more centered around the math of how they apply. I will give a few examples.

        Found amulet (3% gear drops) - is this current map gear drop rate + 3% or map gear drop rate * 103%? Example: .18 + .03 = 21% drop rate vs .18 * 1.03 = 18.54% drop rate

        From what I have seen, it appears that everything is multiplicative instead of additive which makes the bonus not as amazing as it first seems and greatly affects how I choose to upgrade or apply relics.

        I did a quick test and partly answered my question.

        Character stats appear to be a set number with possible diminishing returns as you level. For example, 13630 crit may be 50% crit chance at level 67, but less at level 70. The relic bonus +stat% is actually a multiplier for the number itself and not the converted %. It is hard to fully test since crit is the only stat actually converted to a raw % chance in the stats window.

        It also appears that the crit number to crit chance conversion does have diminishing returns based on the amount of crit you have.

        Testing done (transferred rank 2 gold relic on/off level 75 +5 equipped gloves, char level 67 mage):
        With relic - 13630 crit = 50% crit chance
        Without relic - 9736 crit = 41.6% crit chance
        Difference - 3894 (40%) = 8.4% (20%)
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          I believe that all battle attributes (ei. armor, pres, mres, crit, hit, dodge, etc.) all work on a curve/arc instead of straight line, meaning higher attribute %'s need much more resources to increase the % a small amount. Also the higher the level you go, you'll notice if you didn't upgrade/refine/valcu your gear and/or add/minus gems, that you're battle attributes drop since your level also plays a factor. I really don't have a clear cut formula how these kinds of things work.

          As for gear drops, I'm not entirely sure about this, but it's been discussed by me and my guild that there's a max drop % on each map which gradually goes up as the maps get harder. I'm on Spirit Hall 83-86 and my drop rate is 22% (battle screen statistics) and I've had 24% drop rate (12% from rank 4 relic and 12% from +4 gear bonus) for along, long time. I've basically given up on gear drop relics since I've never seen an increase that justifies me absorbing any more relics than I have at this point. One of my guild members speculated it's an invisible increase which isn't located in the battle statistics, which would be very hard to confirm.

          No one truly knows the math and formulas and I seriously doubt the developers will release any further information regarding this subject. My suggestion is just increase what is best for your character and game play.

          PS - I may or may not know what I'm talking about so please don't grill me if I'm completely wrong. LMAO!
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            Here's something that's bugging me.
            After merging relics, I have a single item with 2 relic attributes, all well and good. But when I absorb another relic into that one, only one relic attribute's exp gets boosted by the absorb. So I now have relics with rank 4-5 on one attribute, and rank 1 on another. How do I boost the second relic attribute exp?
            Figure it'll be something obvious but I see people in pvp who have similar setups where they have relics with a rank 4 & rank 1 attribute, so I guess it isn't just me.
            Thanks in advance for any assist with this!


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              There are 2 type of relics, blue and gold. Blue you get from smelting, gold you can craft. Abasorbing blue will lvl up the blue relic stat, absorbing gold will lvl up gold relic stat.


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                Thanks for the quick reply ajgatsz - I wondered whether that might be the case, but wasn't sure how the differentiation worked in dual-attribute relics. Now I just need to figure out which attribute is which in each case, as they don't present differently! I guess in most cases, blue will be more highly-ranked as these relics are "drops" and thus absorbed more often than golds.


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                  Can you tell me what "mettle" is used for?


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                    Absorb stacks!

                    Just tested this earlier and I'm glad to say that Absorption stacks. For example: Epic R0 (no absorbs) + Epic R5 (22 absorbs). R5 >> R0 = R5 (22+1=23 absorbs) [The number of Absorbs + originalEquip.]

                    Or to put it another way, no matter how you absorb, R0 into R5 or R5 into R0, you get the same Rank result.
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