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EZPZ RPG Walkthrough detailed explaining

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  • EZPZ RPG Walkthrough detailed explaining
    I already posted it on reddit on our subthread there, but that's the link to it there.

    in game name is Death911 on server tap city
    Added pictures to skill guide
    -March 29th
    change small stuff
    -march 26th
    Ally aura guide
    Ally training
    Small additions to jewels/absorbs
    - march 25th
    Added hunter skill
    added ally training section
    Jewel section
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    A mistake I caught: you say the relics cost 2 more for each level, but if that were the case a level 6 relic would take 11 to advance, but it takes 12.


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      thanks, I don't have a relic that high of a level yet.


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        And 15 for the next level


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          Just posting to bump the guide up


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            Just an FYI ... you may want to have a look at the forum rules

            Rule 5 is as follows

            5. Powerposting, spamming, bumping, and flaming will result in the post being removed without any further notice.


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              well they officially made a section for it now, so there is no need to do so anymore, I could of posted a useless message to do the same result as a (bump) they clearly saw this and made a separate section.


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                more Boss stats

                A few enemy stats, although no screenshots. A table function for vB4 would be nice right about now.

                Trial Bosses | Level | HP
                Magedream | 30 | 40,899
                Manastorm | 30 | 34,706
                Hanaba | 31 | 68,029

                Guild Boss | HP
                L35 | 275,900
                ~ EZ PZ RPG ~
                Server: Snap Central | Kwillery (Warrior)[id:315] §
                Server: Cinchburg | kwazzy (Mage) [id:43066] §
                Server: Breezy Hollow | krycill (Hunter) [id:46572] §

                Compiling an EZ PZ RPG Bestiary... v1.09 ^2015.09.26


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                  woy.. aku di unek"ke koncoku, lakyo asuuuu...