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  • EZPZINFO Website with guides

    Heya folks,

    I like to say, that i created a a website for EZPZ RPG, where i (or other players) can write guides on.
    Also because, i do not like the layout of this forum. So, i made one of my own.
    Hosted on my own domain, specially for EZPZ RPG.

    WAIT HOLD ON, i like the forum here....but i miss boards what is very useful to players...
    okay Okay.....i shut up.....let's move on...

    On my forum, we got everything you need as knowledge for playing the game.
    It is still in development, with writing guides/ But together, we will get there

    So, what do i have to offer then for you as player:

    1. A general chat board
    2. Updates and news about the game and forum
    3. Separated class boards, where you can talk, besides the normal question board
    4. All servers listed up: Where you can recruit, server talk and being listed up as guild.
    5. A live chat room
    6. Separated board for writing guides, for who that writes them. Whisper me, if you want to write guides. Then i grant you access to that board.
    7. And loads more good stuff........

    If you want to check it out. Then go to this link and register there if you like it.

    For the R2 Moderators, i have a question:
    I like to see you guys also on my board, then you people can get moderation access on my forum.
    For placing updates and the latest news about ezpz rpg. Also, then you can help players their too!!
    Just PM me there on Tightis.

    See you soon people

    - Tightis
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    It's kind of you to offer. I don't have spare time to moderate another forum, and I can't pass along anything from a third party site to R2, or from R2 to a third party site, but I wish you the best of luck with it.

    If I may make a suggestion, you might want to change the "Official Game News & Updates" to just "Game News & Updates". It's a little misleading to say official when it's not technically official.
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