2018 Holiday Season - Customer Service Support

This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
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Glossary of Player-Corrected Translations

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  • Glossary of Player-Corrected Translations

    I just wanted to take a minute to start a new thread for documenting and community-correcting poor and misleading translations.

    All input is welcomed, but in order to keep this discussion condensed, productive, and focused, please read and [rhetorically] accept the 3 following "rules":
    1.) Only reply to this thread ONCE, it is not a normal discussion. I will create a separate "Translations General Discussion" thread for that.

    2.) Always edit your individual post. Each time, add a new section labeled with date and time (UTC/GMT or Server/EST only to avoid confusion) and a line/break. This way, newest information is always at the top, oldest at the bottom.

    3.) DO NOT delete older information without being requested by me to remove it - generally once I'm able to confirm and update it in the primary post (below - this post is purely expository.

    Again: if you're someone who feels that's all a lot to worry about, then please use the "Translations General Discussion" thread instead.

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    [tagged for confirmed/finished translations]


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      20170313_0630EDT: [Tagged for my discussion post - I will also demonstrate how discussion posts should appear]