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Glossary of Player-Corrected Translations

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  • Glossary of Player-Corrected Translations

    I just wanted to take a minute to start a new thread for documenting and community-correcting poor and misleading translations.

    All input is welcomed, but in order to keep this discussion condensed, productive, and focused, please read and [rhetorically] accept the 3 following "rules":
    1.) Only reply to this thread ONCE, it is not a normal discussion. I will create a separate "Translations General Discussion" thread for that.

    2.) Always edit your individual post. Each time, add a new section labeled with date and time (UTC/GMT or Server/EST only to avoid confusion) and a line/break. This way, newest information is always at the top, oldest at the bottom.

    3.) DO NOT delete older information without being requested by me to remove it - generally once I'm able to confirm and update it in the primary post (below - this post is purely expository.

    Again: if you're someone who feels that's all a lot to worry about, then please use the "Translations General Discussion" thread instead.

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    [tagged for confirmed/finished translations]


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      20170313_0630EDT: [Tagged for my discussion post - I will also demonstrate how discussion posts should appear]