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Disgusted with the game

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  • Disgusted with the game

    I have been unable to play pvp for more than a week, after 1:20 Always skip games against bots and it is very boring.
    They will give you solution or else I will reclaim my money invested in gems that I will not use for a game that is pve.

    I find it a shame that you disguise the bots by putting a message when you are going to look at their profile that they are players from another server, which is cheating

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    Maybe try a different time. Remember it's only soft launch, so if there's nobody online to fight, the matching takes longer. I personally hope this game does well. It's a nice time filler when I have time to sit down
    Play too many games.. a few know me as Liberti, others know me as Squishy... lets stick with that


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      Graphics and gameplay wise, HE is way ahead of competitions