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Ranked and main quest bugs!

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  • Ranked and main quest bugs!

    June 9, 2017
    10:12 PM

    Dear Hevo Support Team,

    I am Renz from Philippines and I have a problem regarding my account. I haven't received any of the top 100 rewards since the day you distributed it. I ranked last season 2 at top 3/4 spot in my server SEA - Angkor before the scheduled tally May 31, 2017. In addition to this, I am also experiencing a bug regarding the Main Quests rewards you've changed this patch. I attached in-game screenshots for the proof of my problem and my personal account ID below. I am hoping for your positive response. Thank you and more power.

    IGN: Sɴᴀx.Iso♣
    Player ID: 58d549336f3043015c729830#610000
    Server: SEA - Angkor
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