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Need Increase Damage for Saya

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  • Need Increase Damage for Saya

    Devs You need to increase the Damage of these Heroes' Abilities, it's too low.
    Need Change for: Ghostly Sacrifice for Max Health Target. For cause damage in target
    Damage per second targets current health: does not work in this skill's game and does not cause any damage. IS HORRIBLE

    Need Change: Styx and Stones
    This Skill need remove Cast Delay. Another hero does not have this Delay, does not hit the enemy. And it does not cause anything but harm.

    Radius need Increase 325 to 350
    Damage adjust for 190/235/280/325.

    Need Change: Star of Fate
    Dont need Calling Down Star of Fate, It's horrible because any negative enemy status cancel the skill. There is no need to invoke a Laser Beam. It was better the old one where it only casts the Ability.
    Dont Need return cooldown ability, But need Kill target
    Base Damage need Increase: 350/450/550
    Base Damage need Increase: 300/400/500

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    No worries, I will add to the list of suggestions given to support, along with the ones given in a previous post
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      Thank you. And i stop post for a time