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Payment Suggestion so Bruneian players can buy token

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  • Payment Suggestion so Bruneian players can buy token

    Okay, I admit... Brunei is a small country and they aren't even that well known (probably). But we also play the game, and enjoy the game... and we want to support the game. But we are unable to purchase in-game currency in Heroes Evolved Mobile because there are no payment that we can use. I USED to be able to buy (though I was only trying the 100 token) via MOLpoints payment. But now, I couldn't find it anymore when I wanted to buy the 14k token to get Mikio's skin (because he's cute *cough*).

    Anyway, please make MOLpoint available again as mean of purchase for Heroes Evolved Mobile, or at least, VISA/Mastercard payment or even paypal will do! Or Skrill! Or anything I can use to pay in Brunei QQ

    PS: I know I could just go to Miri and buy DIGI prepaid... but Malaysia's Codashop is only up to 2.5k token. That might not be enough.

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    Unfortunately R2Games has no say over what payments are available for your country. You will need to send the suggestion to support for the app store you are using (example, Google Play or Apple).
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