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Passive skills of equipment are disabled

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  • Passive skills of equipment are disabled

    The equipment's abilities are not functioning.
    When equipping doesn't work on the enemy.
    Cursed Urn
    Crystal Hook
    Decimation Mace

    Among other equipment

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    Support will ask for a video showing these passives not working. Could you please provide, possibly with narrative of some kind, saying what is happening, and what should be happening? Any other details would help immensely.

    Other details may include:
    * Is this for all heroes, or certain ones only?
    * Could the enemy have a skill activated that could negate the passive?
    * Could lag be an issue in this instance?
    * When did these stop working, or have they never worked?

    I will start the report, but will need to video to back it up.
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      Hi whakapono i send for support day 17-10-2017 and Passive skill from equipamments unwork.
      Today i did a video and send here
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