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Game showing up as Malware

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  • Game showing up as Malware

    I've received numerous reports about this. After some basic troubleshooting we always come to the conclusion that it's a false positive. Either way, I'm sure that the game showing up as Malware is worrying to potential new players. Hopefully it's fixed someday soon

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    When these reports come up, the best thing to do is to write a ticket into helpshift, stating which app is saying Heroes Evolved is 'Malware'. Majority of cases, it's just a case of the malware scanner needing an update on definitions, and flagging anything 'unfamiliar' on the system. Other cases include being the scanner itself is malware.

    Either way, thank you for the link, and assuring other players that Heroes Evolved is in fact, not malware. I will forward the link you've provided
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