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    So what I thought would benefit the game is limiting which server a player can join based on their location. For example, Brazilians cannot join the North American server and can only join the South American server. This would clean up the chat A LOT because right now the NA server (Lost Temple) is filled with random gibberish that isn't English. Players complain about "300ms ping" because they are not in North America and perform horribly in game (whether they just suck or they're telling the truth about lag I don't know.) By limiting which servers a player can go on many issues would be solved and more players would play the game.

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    I'm against server restriction. I play on both NA and EU because I have friends on both, and occasionally Asia (only normals on Asia due to ping) if they restrict servers, I can see alot of people quitting.

    The problem is that there was no SA server durring s1, and I think for most of s2. When they finally released SA, they didn't offer players a chance to switch their accounts to the server, so alot of SA players stayed in NA because they already spent $$$