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Players dictating who gets banned???

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  • Players dictating who gets banned???

    Since when is it ok for any player to tell the GM who gets banned??? It's fine if they had of reported the players for breaking rules and the GM checked up on it, but the GM didn't even question it before agreeing to ban 2 players, one of whom did nothing wrong besides flame the person.

    Is this how r2games operates? Do they favor certain players to the point where they allow them to ban anyone they want? This is a terrible way for any company to operate, makes me not even want to play for fear of being banned for pissing off one of the favored players.

    So I want to know why this was allowed in the first place, what's going to be done about this favoritism, and if these players will actually be banned or not. This should not have been allowed, ever. Makes me wonder how many times this has happened in the past.
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    Looking at the screenshots, it does show that these players have been reported many times by multiple players ( Didem handles many tickets, am sure many would recognise her name when reporting similar situations). This conversation looks like it's a conclusive end to a past story, and shows conclusive evidence these players have been doing wrong in game. Screenshots and videos go a long way in player reports, and if evidence is conclusive, banning/muting will happen. There is no need to be a 'favourite', just detailed.

    Our staff are doing the best they can, to make this game fair, and fun to play. Feeders and Afkers, we all know, can make it more difficult to enjoy. Moral of the story, would be to play fair, and have fun When reporting, include all evidence possible, including screenshots and/or videos. Keep reports 'to the point'.
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