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Separate Electrum and Palladium

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  • Separate Electrum and Palladium

    Everyone who is in Palladium will agree Electrum is simply bad at the game in comparison to themselves. People who've reached Palladium want to keep their rank and not lose it immediately because they have to play with Electrum *players*. In no circumstance should people in Palladium be placed in Electrum queues. Thanks.

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    The best way to only be matched in team with same rank as yourself, is to make the team before matching. Take advantage of clans and friends.
    I understand it may be frustrating jumping into random teams, but it really depends who is online at the time. The system will search near your rank first, then if no match in a certain time, will extend search criteria.
    I will bring up an example of the PC version ogf the game, where players were waiting over 2hrs before being matched. This is a long stretch, as the mobile version has a lot more playing, but the ultimate question I would ask, would be: Would you be willing to possibly sacrifice fast matching times, in order to get players in your rank to play with?
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