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    I see that season point gain/loss still hasn't been adjusted. So guess palladium is once again a worthless title this season, games are going to be terrible for the most part, and the good players will leave out of frustration. Good job r2, fix your game. Not that hard to adjust season point, hell I'm sure it can be done in a hotfix

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    Is this post similar to the issue you are referring to:
    Or is there something else?

    The points gained/lost is dependent on your rank, team rank and vs rank. Not sure on the exact formula, but rule of thumb:
    high win vs low = +low
    high win vs high +avg
    high lose vs low = -high
    high lose vs high = -avg
    ... and vice versa. Example
    low win vs high = +high

    Hope this helps. If it's something else, please explain?
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      Yes that's how it works, but the actual number of points gained vs number of points lost is way too high, it makes it nearly impossible to drop in rank before palladium. There should be no reason for there to be palladiums with >50% win rates, but there are plenty of them because the point gains are too high and point losses are too small.


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        OK will follow up on this. I see it's been reported by a couple customer service reps
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