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    Hi R2,

    I decided to create a topic here to reach out to you guys.

    Currently I‘m one of the few developers who are interested in building applications for the Heroes Evolved Community.

    I am currently working on a website that hosts the match history, builds and statistics for players. Similar to for League of Legends.

    Since there is no offical API for heroes evolved I currently wrote software which Emulates the Client to get public information.

    For this purpose I use a static token for the guest login and then request the public data from the gameservers.

    As you may figure it‘s a tedious process since I need to trace the packets and figure out the structure of them.

    is there any way you could get me in touch with the developers so maybe we can find a way to partner up and letting me use resources developers might have in that case?

    Edit: I also already found your public api‘s you use for the ingame guide (hero list, hero info, item info). So maybe you already have more of that which would be useful to know. Maybe I also could provide your devs with security issues and flaws on the game and webservers, I found along my way while working on that topic.

    Edit2: Here's a sneak preview

    Click image for larger version

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    thanks in advance

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    Haha yea this would be amazing! I really hope the devs help you out, this would help get some good info out to newbies


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      Yeah such a website would be really awesome


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        I'd really like such a website to see if people are actually good or are just boasting about themselves, besides helps a lot of people know more about the game. So I hope this goes through


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          Would love something like that


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            Seems good


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              Brilliant idea friend. This would greatly benefit all players. Hope the devs provide the assistance you require


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                I will see what I can find out for you. Can you please flick a PM my way with email, server and UID (please not here on public forum)
                Retired Moderator.


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                  Wuch a good idea, only reason it's not a thing is because no ones tooken initiative yet. R2 down to help? <3


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                    Any word on this? Would love for the devs to give him the API so we can actually have some good information on the game. If he's willing to put hours of work into this, why not give him that opportunity?


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                      They haven't said anything to me. If the original poster could update us, that would be ideal.
                      Retired Moderator.


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                        I'm still interested in building the platform, however I haven't heard back from the devs yet.
                        I am still waiting for an official response in order to decide where to go from there and maybe just to use the approach to create a bot to fetch the necessary data.



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                          Thank you for the reply. I will ask again
                          Retired Moderator.


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                            Any reponse is there? I am too interesting to build web platform app.


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                              I have not heard anything on my end, as the request would have needed to have gone to a different team (not necessarily the support team).
                              If the original poster received a response, he would likely be able to PM you the email to contact. Otherwise I could pass on your email via the support team if you would like to send via PM (please do not post here).
                              Retired Moderator.