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    Why are there literally no advertisements for this game? Instead r2 decides to waste money putting billboard ads in one city, whoever's in charge or the marketing dept should be repremanded for that horrible decision. Anyone could have told them that's a horrible idea, money should be spent on YouTube ads.

    Also, why are resources being wasted making new game modes that no one cares about? Take a hint, every other moba advertises and they have plenty of players, HE doesn't advertise and their playerbase is low. Coincidence? Definelty not.

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    Not gonna get a response as to why there's no advertisements?


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      Apologies, I only just saw this post.
      I can forward the query/feedback to the appropriate department(s). As they are separate to Customer Service, am not sure I will get much of a response, but could press for one.
      Have you also forwarded this via helpshift, for them to forward on, prior posting this thread?

      Note: In the past, fan youtube channel links were forwarded to a different department, and something was done from there. I've personally not seen any fan links for a while, so not been in contact with them. As previously mentioned, as they are different departments, they are treated separately.
      If anyone has a channel, that may be of interest to the team, please feel free to link. The more subscribers, the more likely they are to contact.
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        Yes I've forwarded this to helpshift. I'm not talking about YouTube channel, I'm talking about advertisements


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          Right, I may try asking again

          Update: I've had a response from Heroes Evolved (mobile) marketing team. They assure the game is still being advertised both online and offline, mostly aimed South East Asia region. I have asked about other regions (more so the online advertising), and currently awaiting response
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            LOL FallenTurtle talk to you guys like he's your boss. Great job R2, proud of you guys for creating the best MOBA ever in my opinion, league of legends so boring now. PS. Please nerf wolf apollo and estrath, so cheese in ranked and they are permabanned in draft mode. KTHX


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              We appreciate feedback, and welcome it. If nobody says anything, nobody will know how to improve. It is appreciated this (low marketing) was noticed, and hopefully more effort is put in. They (marketing) are not giving up on this game yet!

              On that note, as far as other regions, there is online advertising out there, but the game relys largely on word of mouth (also). I too have played other MOBA, and really do enjoy this one best.

              I will follow up on other off topics mentioned too.
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