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The North American Leaderboard is Corrupted.

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  • The North American Leaderboard is Corrupted.

    Is anything ever going to be done about the Queue abusing and win trading that goes on in high ranks? GL.X Stars has 3 accounts in the top 5 and if you look at his records, he's either scammed his way into low rank matches by chain inviting lower ranks and resetting the host, or win trading with his B team who have Chinese Symbols in their clan name. Legit this Chinese team has never won against Stars in their lives, yet they are all in the same voice chat together during the match. This clan doesn't even log in unless GL.X is in queue against them, and they're using different devices and dodging matches based on the photos to guarantee that they are on the same team. GL.X Stars one account is 95% out of 100 matches exactly. How can this be allowed in a game with competitive championships that allow for monetary gains through prize money? Stop the Queue abuse R2... my clan pumps thousands of dollars into this game, as well as the rest of the community of honorable not scammers. It shouldn't be allowed for one team to dominate the leaderboard simply by eating up players to do their bidding (i.e. throwing the match whenever they face against their leader. Legit they're making their 4th scammer clan called ****** and eating up other clans who don't realize they're being used and better off standing out than following like lemmings. Every solo proud player will agree, GL.X scams their way to the top. They came into my discord a year ago telling us how they do it and I didn't think much of it, but at this point the glare is burning my eyes out of my head. Enough is enough, fix ranked match!

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    Sounds suspiciously like another NA clan I know of


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      Dear player

      For ranking system, it is clearly stated under the rules that you will be matched up with the same tier. So even if they invite lower ranks to party, the opposite team will also have players within the same tier. Also with the new update for ranking system a month ago, now Palladian players are only able to match up with Palladian players which will be impossible to "scam" in game once they reach Palladian. If you believe there is scams in the game's queuing system, please provide us with a screenshot.

      About your concern on win trading and win rates: GLX has represented NA for HEC 2017, which explains why their win rates can be so high. About win trading, the winning team can only gain up to 80% of the points that the defeat game lost, which does not benefit either side if they win trade.

      About profile dodge matches: players have the freedom of choice on dodging a match. However, it is really difficult to be matched up with the players they want on the same team because the game will try to balance out both teams.

      Please keep in mind that this is a 5vs5 game, and there will always be one team winning and one team losing. Regard about any other concerns you have with the match system, feel free to provide us with any screenshots of proof for "scams".
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        Sent a ton to your moderator earlier. We're talking about electrum players currently as there are no "Palladian" players on our server yet. Their win rates are high because they are facing solo teams, or a squad of people who allow them to win the game. I don't even want these players eliminated from the game. We love the challenge from good players. But our best battles should start on close to fair footing, rather than one team being stacked in voice chat vs a bunch of stragglers who don't even know each other prior to the champion select screen. I'll stress again, there is an entire clan who is dedicated to ranking up normally, and then queueing up at off hours at the same time as GL.X. Whoever has the less GL.X players loses the match (or whichever team Stars is on). As for your win rate explanation, my clan had a 20%of the overall leaderboard across both servers (I was like 4 or 5 at the time as well as my team member Stank Sucks) with close to 40 other members on their spread amongst our many in game clans (All called Stank) so when you cite their win rates and HEC status, it's like you're speaking an alien language to me. In fact, their HEC representation is a direct result of the abuse that I desire to stop. Nobody is saying they are not good players, but the added edge of placing themselves in an advantageous position vs. solo players or their training squad is just giving them an unnecessary boost which makes it impossible for any other legit players to surpass them regardless of how well they play. Anyway, at the very least, they've stopped doing it since I made my first post, at least temporarily. I've provided some screenshots prior to that and later will add more from a video I recorded with my streaming app (Got a birthday party to get ready for right now).

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          One more from a year ago when one of their member's came into discord bragging about it

          [Image from discord removed]


          P.S. you used to be able to see who was teamed together when you checked match details (the red square symbol with 2 crossed swords). If that was still in the game that would make this even easier to see. Is it possible to bring that back in a future update?


          Anyway, I would not like to post any more on the subject, as I fear some of the content on this forum is less than objective, and I would not like to place myself, or any of my close to 100 clan brothers an sisters in jeopardy. If you agree that there is some potential abuse going on, we would be more than pleased to see some changes made to the ranking system (perhaps question marks over all of the pictures at queue acceptance time, not allowing a queue to start if not all members are within one tier of eachother, re-implementation of teamed symbols within the details screen). If not, I appreciate your time, and will continue my grind in my favorite MOBA game of all time. I have tried to keep this as factual and professional as possible and would expect courtesy in return in all aspects of the situation. Should you disagree, feel free to delete my whole post. There are not yet enough dishonest players to keep me and my allies off of the leaderboard (though top 10 will be a tough nut to crack under the current system), and so I will keep on keeping on as they say. Thank you for your time.
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            Dear player;

            I understand your concerns and why you are upset. There are a few discord images that I removed for you. Please do not post any third party evidence of "spams" and "hacks" because we have no information or access to those accounts to prove that those players are actually the players they refer themselves to. With the screenshots you posted, we'll look into details of the list you've posted. On the other side about the matching up system, I still believe you have some misunderstanding about how the system works, let me clearify this for you:

            1. Sometimes the game will match you up against a team of 5 when you solo/duo/trip because there is a lack of teams
            2. If a team of 5 win against solo/duo/trip, they will only gain small points (1-6 points depending on your rank) and vise versa, if solo/duo/trip win against a team of 5, they will get a lot more points. Same thing with losing points; if a team of 5 lost to solo/duo/trip, they will lose a lots of points and if solo/duo/trip lost against a team of 5, they won't lose as much points.

            I do agree with you the matching system is unfair when it comes to matching solo/duo/trip with a team of 5. However, the points are being distrubed out fairly because it is hard to beat a team of 5 and if you managed to beat them, you will gain extra points compare to fighting a team of solo/duo/trip. I hope this clears up your concerns.
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              E for Effort. Leader out.