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Yet another attempt to fix issues in Heroes Evolved

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  • Yet another attempt to fix issues in Heroes Evolved

    Hello, my nickname is Citizen, I play on EU server and I have been talking with support countless times to suggest things, to report issues, players etc and barely nothing has been done.

    I will try my luck here now.

    First I would like to address issues regarding the matchmaking at high rank. I have been in top 50 since august and I am currently rank 1 Android, so I have good experience and knowledge of what is happening in highest tier of the game so please, hear me out.

    At high rank, you can wait easily 5-20 minutes to find a game yet, you often end up waiting 1 hour to play a game. Why is that? If a game is found but the match does not start, it's because someone did not accept (also known as dodging).

    If it was an accident, it would barely be noticeable but people dodge on purpose. You will tell me players are punished for dodging so it's fine. Yet they still do it, and this despite the punishments and it ends up in a situation where top players can only play 2 or 3 games in 3 hours. So I am telling you it is NOT fine and you should be concerned about such problems.

    How could it be fixed? You have to understand why people dodge. In high rank, all good players know each other and can even recognise other players just from their profile frame and image. We have ourselves added in friend list and we can easily see when other good players are matchmaking.

    When we find a match, we are able to see the frames of our allies. Which means we can see if we have other good players with us or if we are against them. Then this question arise, "should I lose 10 points or get punished for 30 seconds when it will take at least 5 minutes to find another match anyway?" and you already know the answer or I would not be posting here.

    To give you an example, earlier, I was defending my rank 1 as the rank 2 was in matchmaking. I would refuse every game in his team to not help team and he would refuse every game against me unless he wasn't sure to win. I dodged twice, he dodged 3 times, resulting in 1h30 wait when I finally got put against him and he had rank 1 from IOs and other top 10 player in his team so he felt confident enough to accept. I still won but that's not the point.

    This is ridiculous but your system allows it so why wouldn't we do it.

    The obvious solution, which is done in every other MOBAs I've played, would be to make sure there is no way for players to recognise their allies/opponents.

    for example in LoL :

    DotA :

    Note that this would also solve the issues regarding win trading to some extent (when a player try to get against his friend to intentionally lose the game and let his friend win) which happened 4 seasons in a row on Europe (nobody got punished despite all the proofs).

    Your developers don't want to hide the frames because they want people to show off with them but since they have no frames and don't understand what it means to have a frame :
    - Most players don't understand that most people have no idea what those frames represent.
    - When players recognise it in normal games or clan warfare, they often dodge. It came to a point where it is mandatory to remove frames in clan warfare or nobody will accept to play against you.

    So please fix the problem of people refusing matches, which ends in 1 hour queue time when it's already hard to find a game.

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    I have personally thought about this possible solution to this 'win trading' madness (others had suggested hiding opponents, but allies too could help).
    I will forward the suggestion in hopes the devs look into it.
    Good Luck!
    Retired Moderator.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      Hidding allies does not really matter up until you reach highest rank tiers where you play with the same players all the time and know everybody, hence why AoV decided to hide allies from the equivalent of electrum on HE.

      It should be done all the time in my opinion to avoid any potential abuse.


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        I've been told they're considering it for a future update, but haven't set in stone yet.
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          Thanks for your update. I guess it isn't as easy as just hiding frames as it kind of makes them useless if you start hiding them. But knowing that they're thinking about it is reassuring at least.


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            Hello, just wanted to say I've seen the update for the new version and it's really good. I see that you finally will hide frames too. But now that I think about it, you should also not show the teams as it's still possible to know if you are with your friend or not if you agree for a time for confirmation.

            I'm telling you this because this is exactly what will happen in EU high elo as soon as you hide frames as I'll probably do it if I am stuggling to keep my rank 1. I just go on voice chat with my friend and tell him to accept and I'll see if he's in my team or not. It's not a major change I think you should push for it before the new version update lands in 2 weeks.