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    Respected devs,

    I just recently started playing heroes evolved and I have to say I really like it.

    It has potential to be the best moba game in the android market but in order to do so, you guys need to make it look less "inspired by dota and lol", make it more unique and fun.

    For starters, please don't use the "primary attribute gives you dmg" thingy. We've already had that in dota and it was really annoying cause primary attribute giving you dmg means that heroes with agility attribute get both dmg and atk spd thereby making them invincible late game making all the other heroes very "meh".

    We have every player wanting to be an agility carry in every game and it's getting really boring for all the other attribute hero mains.

    Please consider modifying the attributes functions such that they provide unique features, so that they do not seem "heavily inspired from dota" and all the heroes are fun to play throughout the game rather than some heroes are boring and hard to play at the start and other heroes boring and hard to play near the end.

    I realize this is too demanding but, if all the heroes are equally fun to play throughout the game then all the players would try to play a balanced team making the game more fun meaning more players will opt to play your game instead of the other ones.

    Example: Strength gives physical damage, armor, health, health regen.

    Intelligence: Gives more magic dmg, spell power, mana regen, mana, magic resist, etc

    Agility: Gives more atk spd, evasion, movement spd (Cause agility attribute giving you more armor makes no sense whatever and just cause dota did it, doesn't meant you should too).

    I understand that one may believe I'm asking for a huge nerf for agility heroes but it only seems that way , they also get evasion for defense and movement speed which is a huge buff.

    This will make the whole primary attribute thing pointless you may ask but not nessesarily, just make it such that heroes from that attribute gain more points of their primary attribute with each level or something.

    Now I understand what I'm telling you is too demanding (I'm sure asking to rework the whole attribute system is going way overboard) but I'm just dropping suggestions and it's up to you whether to take it or not.

    I just like the game, see a lot of potential in it and I'm not happy with the game being too similar in mechanics and attribute system to another game I played.

    I have plenty of suggestions but I don't want to bore you with a huge body of text. If you like my suggestions and would like to hear more then I will. Please keep up the good work, I really love your game and I'm asking all my friends to try it out.

    Thank you very much.

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    Agility heroes are meant to be squishy carries, what's wrong with that? Do you want all heroes to be carries or did I misunderstand you?