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    Hello, I see you guys are about to release a lot of cool quality of life features in the new version. I think you're missing out on the spectator mode though.

    I had this discussion several times with the support but they don't seem to play the game nor to understand its current situation.

    Every other MOBAs I've played had a spectator mode. It is essential as it allows players to learn from watching other players. The average level of HE's playerbase is critically low and there is close to no way for players to get better right now beside playing ranked without knowing what they should focus on improving.

    Your support told me there were livestreams and replays. But there is like 1 famous palladium channel on youtube, which is Nixar and while he's better than most people who would watch his video, his builds and gameplay are not that great from a top player point of view. Regardless, the quality, the quantity is the main issue. For livestream, there is no regular top player streaming either and streamers have like 5/6 views anyway since nobody thinks about going into HETV.

    As for my previous post, just take a look at what successful MOBA did or still do.

    They showcase top player games in the landing page of the client :
    Image result for league of legends spectator mode client
    I could not find a better image as it's quite old, but bottom left you see what I'm talking about.

    They have the same thing in DotA :

    This is how most players learnt the game, you watch how the best players play and imitate them. In HE, players have no way to see how the game is played at good level so they end up 2 divisions below the top ranks and are eligible to get matched with them while they seem to be completely clueless about the game.

    The skill gap between top 10 and top 100 is already HUGE. As in if you have a game with 8 players with top 30 and 2 players from top 100/150, these 2 players will feed a lot and most likely solo lose the game for their team. It happens regularly that games are not about who is the best players but who has the worst feeder in top rank.

    And we can't blame them, they can't learn so they are clueless...

    Onmyoji arena released it's beta this week and they already have a spectate mode, first thing Ive done was checking how the game was being played through it. They did the first day what should have been done in HE for one year :|.

    Anyway I hope I convinced you to really push devs toward this feature. It is critical if you want this game to succeed because as long as the level of players is so low, you will keep having many players who quit and no hopes for enjoyable competitive.

    There is tons of space to be used in the middle of the client landing page, don't waste it and use it to improve the game. Overall you should promote the top players of your game anyway.