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Report player is stupid and broken.

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  • Report player is stupid and broken.

    So you basically got people who lose a game and report everyone on their team. This same player probably does this every time they lose a game. Yet it takes points away from you for losing the game even though you didn't say anything or do anything wrong. This is broken. You need to punish people who are stupid enough to report their entire teams every time they lose a game. Those kinds of people are toxic and need to be removed. I'm suffering right now because of trolls who do this and well its just bullcrap.

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    They have been working on optimising the reporting system. Working to release for a future update, but not given a time frame, or details
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      Just a suggestion here..

      I think its better to have if you reported someone or someone reported you regardless its pending or success, in matchmaking teaming the two(reporter and reported) together would be impossible for a certain duration (like 1 game or even 1 day) but there is still a chance for them to be on opposite teams.

      It would be good so you can avoid to be teamed up with toxic players by reporting them.


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        Will forward your suggestion

        A work around of your suggestion, is to try to match in ready made teams. Whether it be with fellow clan members, or off your friends list. That way, hopefully' you know what kind of players you are going to be matched with.
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