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    Im quiting Heroes Evolved. I immensely enjoyed the game but some players are bad for my heart. I was recently in a game. My phone reconnected during selection of heroes and the system selected a hero for me that I dont know how to use. Since I'm somewhat a beginner in this kind of game, my play can be considered horrible. I understand if my teammates may be angry so I profusely apologized during the game. But some of them thrash talked me and even used foul language. It made me really sad. So Im quiting. But the game was really nice. Maybe in the future ill play it again. Thanks for the experience R2.

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    I understand, and have seen a fair bit of trash talk going on; some servers more than others. We need to ignore (if it becomes personal or gets too much, report), and as you say, play for the fun of the game. Players that do it too often are muted, or penalised in other ways. So if you can play through it, that would be awesome At the end of the day, the game is a game. If you decide to take a break, I wish you the best, and hope you return one day
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