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In game survey and plans for the future

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  • In game survey and plans for the future

    The recent in game survey is a huge step in the right direction. Ban/picks is a much needed feature of the game that people have been asking for since S1. Advertisements are something that I'm hoping the devs realize they need after the survey, and bringing heroes from Warhammer is an awesome idea I didn't realize I wanted until now.

    However, I'm wondering if the devs are going to announce their plans once the survey is done? They don't have a good history with transparency, just look at how long it took to get some half decent patch notes. I'm hoping that they do announce their plans, let the community know that they are listening

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    Looking at trends, it's more likely players will see changes directly in game before they are 'confirmed' as survey results. A few exciting things planned for upcoming updates, so keep an eye on patch notes when they are announced

    P.S. Yes I have queried if they will release results too, they say they plan to.

    Edit: R2Games staff want me to let you all know, players suggestions are taken very seriously, and they will work with the developers as best as they can to get what the majority believe will make this game great!

    Disclaimer: Bear in mind any 'news' stated here on discussion/feedback forums are not 100%, until official announcements are made in game, and/or in news section.
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