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Try to improve heroes Evolved rather than introducing new features

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  • Try to improve heroes Evolved rather than introducing new features

    What’s the use of introducing new features like adventure mode. Players quit because of issues with game, they r not quitting because of lack of features. Please understand this and try to improve this game by improving match making in ranked, characters etc.
    when i play ranked matches most of the time I’m matching with low rank players.....why r2?. This is happening to all of them and that’s why they quit. Try to understand this, improve this game. We only want improvement rather than new features. “Don’t kill this game”. Please

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    I've seen this concern has been forwarded to the developers. Unfortunately the more people leave, the more it hinders those left

    Staff at R2Games are still actively trying to find new players, and rely on fans too, to bring friends in (keep an eye on recruitment event(s)).

    Hopefully they (developers) find a middle ground to make the majority happy
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      Imo the new adventure mode is great. Gives whales something to spend on which keeps the game alive and well, and if you don't like the mode there's no requirements to play it.


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        The new adventure mode was requested by many over a year ago. I personally didn't see it ever happening, but here it is
        The devs are always trying to improve by fixing any bugs that come up; some are harder to hit on the head than others.

        Please do keep any suggestions coming, on how the game can be improved
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          Honnestly I'm new, I've been playing mobas from any kind for more than 7 years, but unfortunately the mobile form of mobas disgust me it's already the 5th I try and it doesn't give me the will to stay, like all other mobile moba, too much afk, people aren't learnt how to play mobas (every game starts with almost 6 or 7 death in the first 3 min), matchmaking is a **** joke so hard that every game is a stomp either you win or losses, the only points that catches my attention was adventure mod and when I begun the game didn't felt like a scam instead of other mobas, this was until I tried Bonnie event putting 25bucks in using the 3 way chance card always pushing the same side card and Bonnie 100% always appeared at the opposite side pretty felt rigged as **** so now even the beginning with this game felt better than any other of the mobile kind it now appears to follow the same ways as the other disgusting marketing strategy, I'm not sure yet if matchmaking is rigged the same way as other to create fast games instead of quality games, but still matchmaking is really bad and unbalanced, adventure mod is money relevant for new player if they want to be able to compete in this retarded chaotic mod, and now the feeling to be scamed by the marketing strategy doesn't inspire me anymore and I'm on my way of willing to quit and not to share this game with my friends, I think I'm looking even trust in mobile gaming about mobas, I'll keep it to the computer one, at the moment I can't say if ive seen even 1 mobile moba able to compete with even the worst on pc, at least your not as bad as Moonton is but you're on the same path, so to conclude yes I agree stop all to make 2 or 3 heroes and skins every month or implement new features and try to work on your game quality cause new features wont change the fact that your game is bad, if I hide a **** with a cloth it will still smell like ****, same apply to a game. Dont be stupid and listen to your community, and don't say I'm the one thinking this way bc even I'm new I've seen this be told everywhere I went around your game. Greeting still even you stole me 25$, and hopping I won't left this game by being fed up in a month or two.


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            Oh, just a taste of the pleasure I encounter with your matchmaking system (I don't mind losing, losing isn't a big deal, but getting *** ****** for 15min or more just staring from behind a tower before getting one shot because enemy is overfed in such unbalanced area from the 3th min of the game isn't fun and don't motivate me to go on).

            Those screenshots are from my 15 last games enjoy :
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              I love adventure mode. It makes it different than a normal MOBA. And if I am tired of constantly losing matches to AFK players....I play that. The quests for adventure mode have also helped me get a lot of gold to buy champions.