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  • Unicorn scam

    I highly recommend players not to waste money or time on this ship. I normally wouldn't help the enemy, but r2 is the real enemy. This ship will cost you over 30k planks and either 66k gems or thousands of dollars. Your br boost will be about 150k. In comparison to the flier you will gain little over 800 hp and lose Def of -700. This ship is a big scam.
    R2 is killing the game. Spending money on this game is a big waste. R2 is promoting not to spend money on the game. Those that haven't spent or spent very little are now close to the players that have spent a great amount of money. This game is the worst run game I have ever played.
    I hope this will help other players on making decisions about unicorn or any other future decisions.
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    I have to agree with everything you've said, the cost for the unicorn is completely unacceptable & I won't be going anywhere near it at the moment - unicorn tokens will probably be made available to craft at some point so I'll wait & get it for free.

    Lmao at the 30k planks, that's twice what you needed for the flyer for a tiny upgrade.

    The lack of content is killing the game with players moving on to other games at an alarming rate & has shown the pay to play players that there is little point spending money if the free to play players are going to catch them up. Please sort it out R2, at least give us an idea of when the update is coming & what's being included to maybe give us a bit of hope that this game will be worth logging into in the future.
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