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S10 gets screwed again

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  • S10 gets screwed again

    This poor effort from devs not checking their work or fixing bugs is getting too much and really testing my patience.

    R2 couldve taken a lot more money from me on this game but poor support and bias decisions are just down right aggrevating.

    The complaint this time is ALL servers but s10 have the 20% casino discount for the casino events.

    We have complained that many times about servers not getti g events at server reset (those servers miss out on time to do event and also players sometimes do the stuff in the day then the event comes later). This is the 3rd or 4th time we have been robbed of the casino shop discount.

    Like i said the effort and quality of what we are being given is downright ridiculous. Time to sack or cut pay on some useless devs i think coz im not going to pay r2 anymore. I would never refer a friend to a r2 game and i will never play another r2 game. Cant u guys see how much this is hurting your business potentiol? I can assure you im not the only one saying this as i know many in the servers i play that say the same as me.