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When is R2 going to pay out awards from Nov. 3-4?

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  • When is R2 going to pay out awards from Nov. 3-4?

    Pirates Empire reset late evening on Nov 4, effectively eliminating the awards that should have been paid out for Fishin' Rank and Casino Bets. When is R2 going to rectify the problem and pay out awards earned? Although all other awards were reset, records should exist for payouts.

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    Yes agreed. This generic reply of we are looking into it is completely annoying.

    Im not worried about my rank prizes. But spending over 70mil for the flier and azrael tokens and not getting them is irritating.

    If we arent compensated by the weekend im looking for a new game (definitely not a r2 one). I will also be reporting the developer to apple and encouraging my friends to do the same. Sick and tired of spending real money to lose **** and get ignored by support.


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      Sorry for late reply. If not done so already, a ticket is always needed in these cases with any screenshots where applicable. You're welcome to also state IGN, GID and server in your post too, so when we're asked for player information, we're able to forward
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        Sent in a ticket the day it happened. Its now been 22 days and haven't heard a reply back about it. On another note is there going to be a update in the near future to give the lvl90 people something to do besides pay out a ton of real life money to buy the lvl90 ship? If there isnt one soon there wont be many people left playing this game.