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No bets/pirate war possible on S12

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  • No bets/pirate war possible on S12

    Hi team,

    I wanted to send a support ticket, but Pirate Empire was not included in the games in the dropdown menu, so I'm trying to reach you this way.

    On server 12 it's not possible to participate in the pirate war or place a bet, a problem that is obviously not only mine, as in the world chat others reported it, too. But this way many players are stuck with the main quest to participate or bet and so am I.
    Can you please solve the problem? It's been three days now for me and it starts to get annoying.


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    Oh dear. I will follow up on this for you (if it didn't reset at week beginning)

    For future reference, tickets can be sent either in game (avatar -> settings -> support (link)), or email
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      Unfortunately it didn't reset. There even was maintanence on the server today but nothing changed.
      But thanks for the mail adress. The support link would not allow me to send a ticket for Pirate Empire, but email will work, I'm sure