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  • Refund me.

    For the past few weeks I have been very active in the new world. I have spent over a thousand gems throughout the past few weeks to hasten my fleets to reach any particular boss monster first. I watch visually to make sure that I am the first player to reach the boss monster. Every time, I reach the boss monster first and my fleet returns to me. However, the boss monster shows that it is still undamaged and at 100% hp. Then another player reaches the boss monster and destroys it. This happens time and time again. My gems that I have spent to be first are wasted and I count as last place with no account for damage to the boss monster. I have sent tickets in before concerning this issue and I have never gotten a response from you EVER. I am now sending you yet another ticket and I will be posting this on your forum too. ID 10552308 Drunken Shanty

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    Give me back my gems.


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      I will forward the issue, and request support answer your ticket also. Good luck.
      If you do not get a reply within the next 24hr, please do reply back here, and I can bump the issue again
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