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Why would R2 kill astronomy? Nice "update" R2

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  • Why would R2 kill astronomy? Nice "update" R2

    So far this latest "update" is a C- at best.
    1. With only 10 attempts in Astronomy per day, it will take at least a week to gather enough Sorcery Stones to upgrade an artifact requiring 20+
    2. This gives established players a **massive** advantage (they've been able to farm and upgrade for a long time) and places newer players at a horrific disadvantage that is probably impossible to ever catch up to.
    3. The Artifact event I can only assume is effectively dead with only ten attempts per day.
    So unless new events start awarding Sorcery Stones, R2 has seriously screwed a lot of players. The only thing worse would be if they expect people to use 1000's of gems to obtain them.

    The New World is still useless. Lower level players are simply the feeding ground for level 80's and are not able to gather enough wood before they're raided over and over or kicked from every level 5 gem island which is just another example of how they've given a massive advantage to established players and screwed new players.
    The new monsters and bosses are either not working right, or are just a complete waste of time. A level 1 garnet? Are you fkg kidding me?

    The update also did nothing to address the increasing glut of players who have their level, gear, and cabins all at 80, with level 5 sailors.

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    I have addressed all these concerns with the GM. I will request an update today, but can't give any time frame as to when and what is able to be done. Thank you for your feedback, I will also forward your post.
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      Even if they award more Sorcery Stones at events does not make it more fair.

      I mean, they now have an entire part of the game (Astronomy) with only 10 attempts per day. In top of that, it is not guaranteed that you will receive the drops each time you fight.

      Next R2 update: limit the battles in travel map - 30 free attempts/day.

      It is becoming more and more pay to play.

      (p.s. and yes...the new added monsters to new world are a joke. the gold you waste on repairing your fleet will be more than you directly buy those resources from a shop!)


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        Totally sucks. Spend much money on many thousands of gems to buy "fragments" to unlock artifacts but that is not enough for you. Do you have to siphon more money from us by making farming each sorcery stone pay to play?