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    Please explain the reason that the basic game mechanics and stat bonuses have once again been modified. The fight equation now allows weaker players to consistently defeat stronger players while simultaneously allowing weaker players to consistently defend against stronger players. By definition this developer has proven itself to be inept. At its own fault, the developer miscalculated time requirements to reach the lvl cap and how much money they would make from gem buyers to attain the maximum stat gains before additional content would be required to keep people playing and buying gems. As a result, the developer has imposed limits on the most common remaining area (astronomy) that will require extensive gem purchases while paralyzingly free players in that area on top of modifying the basic principals behind the game. The new world was added as a "mini game" that has very little benefit towards the actual game but can carry a huge cost of coins to play which severely limits the ability of lower levels to build their main character (cabin upgrades/blacksmith). BR was added without explanation, one can only assume it represents some sort of battle readiness figure but in actuality it is a false representation due to the complexity of the battle equation and all its factors. This last update made Br completely irrelevant considering players can not defeat lower Br and cannot defend against them. People have purchased gems to attain all sailors through expert manual purchases because the sailors not only offer bonuses when fully trained but offer bonuses for having specific sailor combinations. Effectively those purchase have been devalued by lowering sailor combination bonuses to encourage more purchases to attain max training. You have invented a new version of the "bait and switch" scam, changing the mechanics makes last weeks purchases worthless.

    If you want to maintain playability and shelf life for your product try hiring competent staff that can not only plan the game in advance while considering all factors including costs/profits/customer satisfaction while earning their salary. Stop modifying the basic mechanics to increase risk/difficulty in order to promote gem sales, our purchases aren't old enough to depreciate so stop alienating your paying customers. Try communicating with your customers, this is our world you are profiting in.


    If we didn't care we wouldn't play, if you think we care so much to knowingly be scammed think again. The clock is ticking and PE is dying, there will not be a funeral, the grave site will be an unmarked feces covered server.
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    I subscribe what oops131313 said.

    I will tell you why higher BR loses to lower BR player. As you have said, that does not tell us if you can win or not, as some combinations of stats works better with others.

    I have noticed that after I win some times in a row, I start missing a lot of attacks suddenly and weaker players allways hit. This is a way to make the life difficult for us, and due to frustration make us spend gems in extra attempts.

    Astronomy was made useless. The devs are waaay too thristy..

    They dont bother explaining the mechanics and when they update the game. Nor what they are changing!


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      Is your character stats the same as battle stats?

      My stats are NOT even close to what it should be. I noticed that the skin bonus is about what I come up with short on battles. With the exception to spd
      and acc. What it amounts to is RIP OFF players who spent gems on skins.

      I don't care what they say (if they say you are still getting the right stats ). Then why doesn't hp show right hp on battles. Another thing is it shows in endless
      seas how much weaker I am (not able to go as far now)

      The game has become where spending money on it not worth it. They willjust take it way from your stats.


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        Math is hard

        When you come down to it, all of these games are pure math (or maths for the Brits out there)
        The best example is Magic the Gathering and Richard Garfield.
        It appears that what R2 lacks is anyone with an understanding of math and game development.
        Then again, considering how buggy all of the "updates" have been, the devs at R2 don't seem to be that proficient at programming either.
        Given the likelihood of meaningful change at R2, I think we can all see where this is heading. It's really too bad.


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          R2 math = Nerf advantaged players

          If they see someone getting any advantage anywhere in the game they quickly turn that area into a pay to play area


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            This is total ** R2. After all I have supported you financially I expect a quality product in return. This patch has put me far back in the game. I can't even beat ship 112k BR lower than me. Where prior to patch I was beating higher BR. Is the purpose of this to try and get us to spend more? I mean really has anyone here made it a habit of spending this much on a game?


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              It's all about the moneeeyy


              They don't care bout us!