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New World and the BOSS

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  • New World and the BOSS

    They reset the timer on boss hunter which expired today.

    Has anyone even seen the boss except for the first day of the patch?

    Has anyone noticed when they added the monsters they also decreased the number of 4 and 5 level gem and wood islands?

    Has anyone received any good drops off the monsters other than trash?

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    Yes, I have only seen on first day. Just attacked once, as soon as I have realized it was not worth the trouble. Best to go for gems! And the rewards were also meh..


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      I received 360 wood (Level 8 goal reached). I can't complete level 9 because they stopped bosses from spawning. The event ended today. they restarted the event timer but they didn't reset rewards. Developers have tunnel vision.


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        I've not seen one of these bosses yet despite looking for them, guess nothing's working as it should be at the moment
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          I will ask they follow up on this today. I just thought I was unlucky :/ Thank you for bringing this up


          Haven't received any word on this sorry Will update when I do
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            The bosses spawn once at reset. After a few hours every boss is killed and no more spawn all event.

            So if they spawn in your sleeping time. Good luck u will never see one.