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Reduce Max Guild Size To Help Revitalize The Game

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  • Reduce Max Guild Size To Help Revitalize The Game

    We need more competition and we need manageable guild sizes.
    There will always be a "best" guild, want to beat them? Make them more beatable by reducing their numbers to increase competition. Stop allowing them to carry inactive accounts for the honour and force them to recruit by making active daily players needed to compete in guild events. Force the dominant guilds to be two guilds and they will fight each other, what we want doesn't change and who we have to beat so that we can have it doesn't matter. Want to be in the best guild? With more competition there is less room for slackers so prove you belong and that last open member slot can be yours!
    We want entertainment and R2 wants profits. Fix the bugs and add relevant content while you watch us battle and enjoy ourselves. Give us appropriate support and you will see us spend, the developer causes the issues we need support for with poor coding and lack of foresight.
    This title has only scratched the surface of its potential. Earn our money by providing what we want and leaving room for more. We will help you be a successful business but not without the product we want.
    1. Fix bugs
    2. Add relevant content
    3. Provide quality support for the issues you create
    4. Create a competitive environment that we can thrive in and that drives us forward.

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    I agree smaller guilds would add to competition which would only be good for both us & R2 but I think it would be very hard to implement. If guilds were reduced from 50 to 25 instantly you would just end up with the strongest 25 in one guild & the weakest 25 in another which would be OK for some but leave the weaker members in a position where they may not be able to compete in CW anymore.

    If this was to happen I'd suggest reducing the numbers slowly, say 5 per month or two then hopefully you would only be getting rid of inactive guild members & give guilds time to reorganise.
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      Until new content is added people will continue to quit. Inactive accounts are at all levels and strengths. 5-10 months to reduce guild sizes would be too little too late. We need more competition to keep people interested and spending. Without an increase in lvl cap paired with new content the top players are getting bored fast. Given 2 weeks notice, leaders could sort their guild and be prepared. Anyone cut from a guild is going to be disappointed, not near as disappointed as seeing the game decline due to boredom. An announcement ingame with adequate time would let leaders decide who benefits the guild most. Honour rank means less when daily activity and teamwork are pushed to the forefront of requirements. It won't help your team to have a giant account that rarely plays and doesn't participate in colony wars. Any leader who only keeps the top 25 either has a perfect list of members or has no plans to take any colonies. Not all guilds are built around strength, some focus on the social aspect and will keep friends regardless of size. Top guilds being smaller would take fewer colonies leaving more colonies for other guilds. It's a win for players as it adds competition and it's a win for R2 as competition drives spending.


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        i see by your join dates youre all naiive to r2 quit now while you are ahead


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          That comment would imply a join date like yours represents what? People play games for entertainment, if you're not being entertained then go find entertainment elsewhere. If you have something constructive to add to this thread that's great, if not... jog on


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            Guild leader stat bonus is DISCRIMINATION. R2 is telling you that you don't matter unless you are an owner or leader of a guild.

            This is by far the dumbest thing R2 has come up with. I don't know what they were thinking, unless it was have 100 guilds with 5 members.

            I have no problem with the leadership getting some kind of bonus but NOT a stat bonus (most vital part of the game) that not everyone will have.

            I recommend
            Guild owners get 60% stat bonus.
            Guild officers 40% bonus that can be up graded for 24 hrs for 100k gold.
            Guild members can buy for 24 hrs either 40% bonus for 200k gold or 60% bonus for 300k.

            Telling the players your not as important as leaders is just not right. Everyone is getting closer to being max out on everything, when all are maxed you will NOT be worth anything unless a leader of a guild.

            IF THIS DOESN'T CHANGE I recommend NOT SPENDING ANY OR ANYMORE MONEY ON GAME because in the end you will wish you didn't.


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              I agree with doing away with the stat bonus for guild leaders and officers.
              I would alter the suggestion of guild members though to automatic removal of any member who has not logged in after X number of days.


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                Why focus on something that means little? Have you noticed a 60% increase of leader stats? No because they don't get 60%, another developer blunder. If you are in a guild that has officers/leader that does nothing then change guilds. Many guilds have standards and expectations for officers/leader that require them to put in extra time/effort to recruit/organize. The ones that do extra deserve to be rewarded. Do you really believe the monkey should be equal to the organ grinder? If you want the bonuses go run a guild and stop whining.


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                  We all play this game and it's dying. Focus on changes that help the game as a whole, give the developer information to revive the title. They want profits we want fun. Increase competition to increase fun. The simplist way to increase competition is to increase the number of guilds. Make guild slots more valuable by limiting numbers. Increasing guild size at the request of one player was stupid, how much did they spend? Are they still playing? Consider the game and it's shelf life rather than a small group of babies who will only download the game if they can hold hands and cuddle.


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                    Well, I have another idea.

                    How about a cross server Colony wars? That way it was not necessary to change guild sizes.

                    My idea is:
                    Create another map, with the same instances or new ones, just for the purpose of Cross server Colony Wars,
                    Instead of each colony having a 5-person limit it should have a 10-person limit (that way it would be very hard for a single guild to dominate the best 2-3 maps),
                    It would give much better prizes than the normal CW (at least give more resources)


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                      That's not a bad idea but doesn't address the limited recruiting pool. With guilds holding 50 members there are few options open to players looking for a better guild and few options for leaders to recruit. More guilds offers more players the opportunity to lead and more options for players when looking for that guild in which they fit just right. Personally I don't trust the dev to add new content with more cross server interaction while there have been so many issues with everything they've added in the past. A simple fix is preferable, guilds were destroyed when the member limit was increased, the top factions absorbed an extra 30 players... 1.5 guilds. Bring those guilds back and competition goes up a cross the board. It will require adjustment but the chaos won't last long.

                      Edit: after some thought the cross server colony war won't work well at all simply because of time zones. We have options for colony war start time just by choosing which server best suits our own time zone. It's not possible to implement a cross server colony war that benefits everyone without excluding some from participating. How happy would you be to find out cross server colony war happened at 3am your time?
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                        Whakapono, is guild size reduction being considered by the developer? It's a simple improvement that would liven everything up.