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Suggestions for future updates.

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  • Suggestions for future updates.

    No moan's or complaints here please just idea's for things you would like to see added to the game.

    I would like to see,

    -More locations in travels - this would add colonies & new sailors/skills to the game.
    -Lvl cap increase to 90 or even 100.
    -New ships at lvl's 90 & 100 - make progression through the levels slower to stop us skipping the lvl 90 ships & rushing straight to lvl 100.
    -New cabins - a new set of cabins from 80-90 & another new set from 90-100. maybe a new world/new world shop cabin, a cabin to house our unemployed sailors or give them something to do, another set of cabins like the astronomy/artifact that let us progress our stats. Suggestions welcome.
    -Some kind of cross server competition like the war room but expanded.

    I think most of the above would be quite easy to add as it's just a continuation of existing content.
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    I agree with Simon on the above mentioned suggestions!

    Add new maps on travel map, new sailors/skills and increase lvl cap is a must! I only reach lvl 80 recently and I am getting bored...

    Also, reformulate New World. The pvp in it serves no purpose, as there are no events or ranking of it. However, whatever you do in it, bear in mind that we already have CW, Arena, Raid, War Room as PVPs. Make new world more interesting!
    We could build stuff in our island that would make use of unused sailor (each unused sailor represented a builder available, and some buildings could use up to 3-4 sailors to upgrade)
    Also we could only build stuff in our island after reaching lvl 80. The main reason is to open a new world to people that reached the summit, in order for them to not get bored.
    Add new type of islands (stone, clay, iron, etc) that would provide us materials to upgrade our island.

    All this to not only increase the defence of our island but also each building could upgrade our stats a bit more. (R2, this is your opportunity to make more money!!)

    Also add new prizes to casino and new games (blackjack, roullete, poker) that could give different chips for different items.


    - Update achievements rewards. There are a lot that are just unrealistic. For instance, 5 gems to be Pirate King...we have to buy thousands of gems to be just part of top 16 (and be a great player on top of that), so is only normal that the reward is on the same level. I get more gems if I fail a few treasure hunts than I get with being Pirate King.
    - Honor shop. I have never spent honor points at honor shop during the 6 months I have been playing, yet, I have about 1200 which can by a lvl 6 garnet. You should adjust the honor shop in a way that it could be useful.

    So, I would advise the devs to review your existing shops/achievements etc.
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      The time of the colony war is terrible. (In my time zone: 23:00 - 04:00) I always want take part in it. It is almost impossible (after work, with a 13 mths doughter (especially when got flu..)). I do not want to let down the team but it is not fair on those who are in the same situation as me. I would like to see a development which enables the leader to use the offline players' ship (for a choosable time period for example ...)


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        I forwarded these requests (and others) last week. I will keep nudging them to inform us before the next update is released
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