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    I would like to have an honest opinion of players on the matter of merchant ships in the raiding system.

    So, I am a player on S4 with honor points of 2500.

    I have been struggling (since a few months) to find (1) player ships amongst a vast see of merchant ships and (2) players with BR lower than mine.

    Ok, I have a feeling that everyone is on the same boat! So, I thought that the lack of players was because I was at "high honor tiers". As such, it would appear much more merchant ships.

    However, I started a new char at S9 and, for my surprising, there is also a looot of merchant ships at the beginning as well. So, what I am asking is WHY there are so many merchant ships at the 1000+ honor points as well? Ok, I find more players..but after 3-4 players, I start to get a lot of merchant ships and need to reset.

    So, in the end, our position in honor point system is meaningless, as the system itself is intentionally overflowing the game with merchant ships. AND the reason for that is quite simple, if you want to increase your honor rank, you need to spend several hundred thousand gold to go through all of that.

    Another issue is the BR. WHY it appears alot of players with higher BR than mine? Well, I thought that it was because I probably "mastered" the mechanics of the raiding (lol) , so I kind survived its hardships by fighting weaker players. HOWEVER, when I started my S9 character, I also found a looot of players with higher BR than mine. Why R2? Also, if players have the same BR than you, but are 5-6 levels higher, you have NO chance of winning, literally. So I would advise the revision of your BR formula, as it seems ATK and DEF should have an higher weightin your formula.

    Basically, the amount of merchant ships is absurd, independently of your rank/points and you will face almost all the times players with higher BR than yours. And when you find players with lower BR, make sure they are about 10% weaker than see, I somehow start to miss a lot with players with BR similar to mine..

    So, what is your opinion regarding this matter? I frankly think that R2 is increasingly screwing this with the amount of merchant ships...there is a shortage of gold since months and this is getting worse and worse!

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    Too many merchants. Wouldnt be so bad if they gave 1 honor