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    I would like to ask for the devs to increase the amount of resource islands (wood, gold, and gems) in new world of S3-S4 server (I can only comment the state of this server, not others).

    It is overcrowded and there is a lack of resource islands. Please, don't answer that this is for the sake of competition, as things go, only top tier (1%) players can farm the islands. As this merge gathered a lot of great players, I think mid players will simply drop NW, as they stand no chance in it.

    I am a orange tier player (top 3%) and have a really hard time to farm an island, before a big gun finds it, so I can only imagine how hard (impossible) will be for mid players...

    Please, populate NW with at least 2 times more islands...

    I don't know how other players feel about this, but NW is bound to be forgotten by 99% of the server, as they have no chance in it.

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    I will forward your request, and wish you luck.
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      Thanks Whaka I believe I will need lool