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3rd June Event - Say whaaaaaa

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  • 3rd June Event - Say whaaaaaa


    I was wondering when next sailor event would pop up, cause I wanted to spend biiiig on it, lots of sailors tokens and ****

    Well, when I looked at today's event I was like "saaayyyy whaaaat???!!" Jesus Holy Mery of asdmkasdkasd. Sailor event without pub it's like pizza with no tomato! So classy of u R2 keep up!!

    Also, as getting tokens is an "EASY" job, you removed not only the tokens from the raiser event but also from the training event!! Lol..I was quite happy when u introduced the tokens in the raiser event, as allowed me to have 5* sailors that otherwise I would not be able to get. I was even more happy when u started to change the rewarded tokens, as that allowed me to have 5* from other sailors as well.

    You know what those previous sailor's event resulted in? I started to spend 5k-10k gems on your events. Because it was worth it!!

    As it is now? LOL...not only am I NOT spending gems as I am NOT wasting tokens on your crappy event.

    Suggestion: make tokens payable contents..saaayy 10 euros per token. And also make us PAY u the rewards in the next event, instead of giving us this ****** stuff.

    EDIT: I just want to say that, if I am not mistaken, this is the first event whose rewards are not based on the theme. Pet event gives eggs, NW event gives timber, Astronomy event gives sorcery stones, Garnet event gives garnets...and so on. Just to show you how poor you are doing your job. Step up to the game will ya?!
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    I feel your pain, I actually asked if that was 'it' when they popped up on servers, thinking it was some sort of mistake. Needless to say it was intentional (this time around). I will forward the concerns in regards to this event for sure.
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