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  • Pirate Empire's future

    Seriously, what plans are next for the game? Or you waiting for the player base to drop to a few hundred? People are buying gems, enjoying the game, but many are hanging up their coats. Something from R2 would be nice

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    The suggestions thread from players is looking a bit bare
    The devs want to go ahead with the 'big' update, but want more input from us, the players.

    They're hoping to get:
    * art work... ideas of what players like the look of (different visuals of pirate 'looks'
    * things plays reaaly love about the game now
    * things players really want gone
    * ideas for events; here on forum, on the facebook page, and in game

    Some things to help get your (the players) idea across:
    * Keep it simple and to the point
    * If taking ideas from elsewhere, please state it is not your idea
    * Keep forum rules in mind when posting (linked in my signature)

    In short, they DO have plans. Unfortunately there is no estimated time as to when it's happening.

    On an off note, is good to have some company again. Welcome back
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      Plenty of ideas can put forward if r2 acknowledge ones already on it. Artwork is tricky to post, sailors need to be more than just attack,defence, HP, acc,evasion but speed is hard to get hold of. R2 needs to do more advertising this forum,
      They have a version message board before selecting server, use it to check out forum.

      I have a few more ideas but no feedback, so I left it, r2 needs to be proactive and not wait for players to moan to give a response

      I will see what I can do.