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  • Penalty against my account

    Many have scoffed at Ghost Pirate's old post claiming that he had a hidden penalty against his account, and dismissed the notion as being ridiculous. I am not one of those people. So, last night I sent in a bunch of tickets to R2. Since then I've lost all but ONE in raids. I've missed shots that there's no way I should miss, against players with much lower stats than me. Their shield activates 4-6 times while mine might activate once if at all. I lose 3,5,7 and even 9 honor each time. In New World, my ships have been stuck in combat and just hover over my island for the past few weeks. For this reason, I cannot activate a shield on my island. (It just selects the ship on top.) Also for this reason, I was unable to do anything to prevent my enemy from raiding me of 14k rare timber. This is what I'd say is a penalty against MY account from R2. Over the past several months I have send many tickets and if any are replied to, they offer no help and are just to dismiss me. The game is so full of bugs that are a detriment to playing, a detriment to us players, and even costs us real money in gems. You would think the tickets that are sent in describing the bugs would be answered with refund, apology and a fix. No. you get an explanation of how the game "should" work in their eyes, when it clearly did not function as was supposed to. I'm tired of this, so tired.