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End of Life. Might as well be.

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  • End of Life. Might as well be.

    Is this game being sunset? I can’t believe how poorly ran it is for such a great base product.

    1. There is no competitive balance. There is WTP and then everyone else, even the second strongest guild in game can’t compete.
    2. Why is this balance out of whack? Rewards structure managed by R2.
    * in order to get unicorn tokens, you had to be in top guilds. All top players knew this was the only way to get them and did just that to ensure guild wars victories.
    * once 9 people in top guild got level 6 unicorn, unicorn token rewards were reduced. Everyone else is still so far behind that it would take another year of guild wars or more to catch up.
    * the reduced rewards then went away after last update, so I guess most will sit at 300-500 worthless unicorn tokens all while having no path of completing other than purchase. Joke. If someone spends $50 for 25 tokens to finish it off they should just be slapped, it’s robbery.
    * new ship released you say, why worry about unicorn now? This is give out 180 gems in colony wars. Refer to second point, the strongest 9 ships are in same guild. That’s 9 of 10 spots to fill to get 180 gems. The same guild has earned 180 a day for months. Those gems are now being applied towards new ship and no other guild has ability to stop top guild from collecting 180 a day.... this is on top of arena gems and raid rank gems, etc.
    * all guilds will just fall further behind than we already are.

    so thanks R2 for mis managing a really great game with poor decisions that favor only the top guild in game. It’s really a shame. Only game I’ve ever seen that is so lopsided that even the second or third ranked guild is useless. People quitting left and right.

    if you want to save this game start making better choices and realize that if people have nothing to compete for, they will walk away. I’ve personally spent a good amount of money for nothing. I know R2 won’t care about any of this since the couple times they have responded to a service ticket they essentially say just that. It’s a shame. Poor game management. Poor support. Poor understanding of outcomes of choices. Poor purchase structure. Only thing that is good is the actual base game and that’s kept me around for years. (And guildmates).

    i don’t expect you to solve any of the problems you’ve created or allowed to get out of control, because I have no confidence you even understand the gameplay. It’s just a shame. If I could return this game for my money back I’d do it in a second, not because of the game, just your flawed rewards logic.

    PS: does anyone actually read this forum?

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    Yes. I agree all too much. Nuff said.


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      Thank you for your post. As said in Guild War post, please do also send this feedback via ticket (only one needed per player); not just yourself, but all who feel this way. Our in game support team have been pushing for an improvement on this, but with more players saying the same, it could help as back up, so the developers know it's not just a few players of the game base that feel this, but a majority.

      I will also forward this thread, so let fellow players know to reply here with constructive feedback if they wish (please no alts, as that's against forum rules and would make the post invalid; as would spamming)

      Thank you and Good luck
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        Even though I am part of WTP I have to agree with everything Henslcl has said. The game has become so unbalanced that it won't be long before we're (if not already) playing a two tier game with WTP playing one game & everyone else playing another, without competition the game just becomes boring for everyone. WTP work tremendously hard to be No.1 & deserve to be rewarded for that but not with rewards that are totally unattainable for anyone else.

        I think unicorn tokens being part of the rewards for guild wars was a mistake in the first place but now some have it to lvl6 why have they been removed/reduced, even with unicorn tokens back in as rewards it's still going to take anyone outside of the top 1 or 2 guilds years to get it to lvl6 & would you play a game where it took that long to do a single upgrade. With all the strongest players having no choice but to be with these top guilds how long will it be before less than 16 guilds sign up for guild wars.

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