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  • Bug reports and suggestions ^^~


    I love PolitiCats and have been playing for a few days. However, I've noticed that the game has some issues such as:
    • The speech balloons with donations that pop up near the skill buttons in the darkened area cannot be tapped on.
    • The header text on the pop-up window for customizing the cat after retirement and unlocking endorsements is covered by the cat and partially cut off at the top of the screen. (I play this on an iPad mini 2. Not sure if it's a scaling issue.)

    Is it possible to move the Breaking News and TV icons to the top near the configuration button? It's far too easy to tap on them on a tablet when using all fingers on the screen. Sorry, I'm a crazy tapper. ^^

    Thanks for making such a cute clicker game! I look forward to the updates! ฅ(•ㅅ•❀)ฅ

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    Hi There!

    We're so happy that you're enjoying the game! (ΦωΦ)We've passed on your feedback to the developers, and we'll report back with an estimate on when we'll have a resolution.

    Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or improvements for the game! We have some pretty cool stuff coming out soon!


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      Hello again! (^・ω・^ )

      Thanks so much for the updated achievements! I maxed out most of them now and my cat is killing it at elections!

      Oh, and I spotted 3 other things on top of the issues I reported in my last post:
      • For the head wear under Customization, it doesn't scroll for me so I can't see the entire box for the frog head (4% voters per tap). As a result, I can't see how much it costs.
      • My current elections only flip between 2 backgrounds. (I just finished all the Secretary of State ones and on Vice President.) Is it supposed to do that?
      • There's a slight delay when applying 50x increases for both the Cat and Staff options.

      As for suggestions ... more accessories and cats?

      Can't wait to see what's in store for Cat! :・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧


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        Hey blehehebleck!

        We just released an update today that revamped the UI and has some balancing tweaks! Hopefully the first two issues you reported were fixed--let us know if not!

        In regards to the new issues, there will definitely be more backgrounds and cats + cat customization options in the future. It will just take a little more time as the developer likes to ensure the highest quality with any of the art and UI they put in the game. For the frog head customization and "50x" upgrades, do let us know if they still occur in this new build.

        Thanks again for the great feedback and we'll keep you updated as the developer resolves the issues!


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          I downloaded the update! I like the new adorable staff! The first two issues were fixed! Thanks! The headwear page still doesn't scroll for me but the 50x upgrades are fine.

          I forgot to mention that there's still a cut-off on the Retirement window, sorry.

          New issues:
          The cat's custom name isn't saved after retirement. It resets back to the default. I named mine Cat! (with the exclamation mark).

          Whenever the Ad Colony video shows up, it's never counted as an actual ad. Sometimes, it pops up several times in a row when I'm trying to use the Message Supporters option. :/ This is what the ad looks like:

          I know the developer has no control over the ads but this is just a heads up that that's happening.


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            Version 0.1.6 for iOS completely wiped my progress. But I'm kind of glad that even the achievements were reset because my 125 gems disappeared too so now I can get them all back. (I got them all from balloons and completing objectives so no money was lost. ^^