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    Hi guys since you want feedback i'll give you some.

    First off i like the game so nothing i will say it to bash on it, it's just to get better change since it's still in alpha.
    Since i don't know on what the devs are working first i might say useless things but anyways here i go. I think people would rather receive their event rewards then getting other features unlocked. Cause since it's an alpha and you want people feedback it'd be easier if you can keep the players which might be hard if no one gets what their deserve..

    We haven't receive maintenance compensation, arena daily rewards, zodiac daily rewards, world boss rewards and probably a bit more that aren't coming to my mind. So if you guys could try to check it out i'm sure some people would stay longer.

    As i said earlier i like the game so i'll continue playing and giving feedback even with the problems in it but I doubt it will be the same for everyone.


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    I feel almost the same way,the game dose have a lot of problems.However the background and characterization of the game really appealed to me, I like BGM with second or third maps.?give me a sense of excitement?probably because I'm a power game fan,haha?