Copia servers shutting down

Dear Players, We regret to announce that "Copia" will officially shutdown on January 24th, 2018 00:00 EST. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information on the shutdown can be found here -
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    I thought of posting some feedback, I doubt anyone from R2 will ever read this, but here it goes anyway.

    This game has gorgeous graphics and music, and it actually has some lore and story behind it, those are probably the strongest points about the game.

    As for the 'super comfortable and rhytmic fighting'...... it's just a mess of sparkling colors all over the screen, a huge senseless mess.

    I thought of buying a month of VIP to support it, since it's a new game and all, but then.... the biggest downside is obviously the sweeping, why does VIP needs 'sweep tickets' and even has to pay for sweep cooldown? VIP also has cooldown for arena? Seriously now?

    The messy fighting is probably never going to be fixed, but I really hope we'll have improvements in the cooldowns/sweeping/VIP priviledges aspect.

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    I feel almost the same way, but that is not why I am here today. (I will explain in a little more detail after I type what I think is a simple issue to resolve)

    I recently submitted a ticket, for my email verification not being returned. however I forget to check my spam folder and it gets auto deleted after a short period of time.
    my suggestion is to show the e-mail that will be sending the verification so that I could add it to my contacts and avoid the spam folder all together and have it go straight into my inbox.

    as for the flashing in the game yeah it is annoying as all heck, I wish there was a way to turn it off, and have the things that are flashing (rewards or time for events) to be highlighted instead
    Life is simple, we make it difficult


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      Very much bug in this game..!!
      why you dont close it for 1 day adn fix it..
      always stuck in menu intance and cant close in "(X)" mark..