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  • [Patch Notes] Update Details

    1.Fix UI problems.
    2.Optimize character creation page.
    3.Optimize page loading.
    4.Optimize daily check-in page.
    5.Optimize guild system.
    6.New features: Slave Mine.
    7.Adjust probability of card draws; 10x draw will earn an Orange Card fragment.
    8.Purchase a VIP card will earn a Free Monkey King.
    9.Optimize server opening events.
    10.Adjust arena output and decrease the cooldown time
    for hero chest. There will now be a chance to obtain an Orange Card or Orange Card fragments if players win the battle in the arena.
    11. Add World Boss ranking rewards in the game. There will be a chance to obtain the following rewards: Resentful King, Resentful Empress, and Resentful Prince fragments.

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    Why is Copia never on any of your guys events.. like the Golden Autumn Rebate what the hell come on...


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      What is taking so long on fixes / response from any kind of GM/CM/R2 staff?? No one ever responds anymore to our quests/bug posts etc.