Copia servers shutting down

Dear Players, We regret to announce that "Copia" will officially shutdown on January 24th, 2018 00:00 EST. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information on the shutdown can be found here -
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Update Details @ 11/16

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  • [Patch Notes] Update Details @ 11/16

    1. Optimize game resources loading.
    2. Add some new events in game: recharge for free mounts, recharge combo, total recharge and single recharge.
    3. New feature: hero treasure.
    4. Optimize king financial package, monkey king gift, and daily consumption events.
    5. New treasure: demon invasion.
    6. Add guild battle in the game, it will start on every Saturday.
    7. New feature: mount system.
    8. Adjust mail, world chat, slave mine and guild systems.
    9. Remove sweep CD time.
    10. Optimize card evolve.

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    Removing sweep CD time? Looks like things are finally starting to look good!


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      Sweep for Chaos Abyss still does not work on server 2.. Been 2 months now Still not working what the hell....


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        Originally posted by ElvenWarlord View Post
        Removing sweep CD time? Looks like things are finally starting to look good!
        lmao game looks good? Dude they been scamming people ever since the game released. Bugs upon bugs while they let people recharge? Giving the wrong vip packages if you recharged. Yes, I sent in the ticket and got a **** compensation. Then they just stopped replying back to my tickets ever since. They never gave me what I purchased in the game. Anyways this game is garbage and I am sure it still freezes and crashes all day long in it. You guys wasting money on this game are stupid as it's most likely going to close down in a matter of months. f


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          Although the game is really there are a lot of problems, but there is no doubt that he could really hear our voice,and fix part of that. Trust them,let him do better.As for spending money on games, I feel quite good to use single recharge, the monkey king in the early brush map really fast, I think it got very good


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            Hi I am fairly New to the game,I have been playing r2 games over 3 years now..I recently started playing COPIA when Dragon Bone Dynasty got removed.a few months am trying to buy VIP 1 monthly but my transaction is not going through am using PayPal paying system.I have money in my account but VIP purchase is not going through .I must say that COPIA system of purchasing is so complicated ..Wouldn[t it be easier to buy the blue diamonds then purchase the monthly VIP card from the in game store..when the purchase is made the reward goes to in game mail or appear in inventory..