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Multi-player dungeon issue

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  • Multi-player dungeon issue

    Apologies for the link. The link is a screenshot of the issue. Am unable to take video on the device I am using.

    I was in a party for the multi-player dungeon when I found myself somehow on top of a hut and unable to go to the actual reachable areas. Spent a minute trying to get to the teleport pad in order for my team to advance. Which only resulted in me able to run on the sky.

    Prior to getting stuck, i had clicked on a mysterious chest at the same time my team initiated a battle. When the battle finished, I was still in the process of clicking a skill. And that's when I found myself in the above situation.

    While the situation was pretty hilarious, I did have to leave the dungeon so that everyone else could continue.

    Server: [S13] US West
    Character: Estarollian