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The Lamassu char. Not healing herself...

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  • The Lamassu char. Not healing herself...

    Hello, I have noticed that the Lamassu char in the game doesn't heal herself as described in her third skillset. The Lamassu although a lower level char is quite good as a tank when playing PvE. The Guardian of course is good with PvP...But not great deflecting magic attacks. The Lamassu heals on nearly every hit she takes which makes her valuable to me at this stage of the game. So...Can you please look into Lamassu non-healing...Thanks a million.

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    The problem is that lamassu don't heal when ever it gets hit?


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      Yes, that is correct...and even now at level 56...still not healing herself. Armor at grade 6...and third skill set at 35...I'm afraid to put any more into her if she's not healing correctly. Any ideas? I would be particularly interested in knowing if anyone else is experiencing this occurrence with the Lamassu.
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        I don't use it but from others i fought and usually have from lvl70 and over near 7-8 times out of 10 heal with different amount same ones. By the way Guardian is very good for PVE when you lvl the block skill in tower and armor 9 out of 10 blocks. Lamassu is an option for secondary tank like spider in my opinion.


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          Well I found out something I didn't know...And went to my old server to see. My old server (3) is dead now.(Shame that) But remembered I had to get all four skill sets activated
          before the 3rd skill set would work the way it's s'posed to...And tried that...behold!...Lamassu's now healing....

          So yeah, that is the secret...You have to get all four skill sets activated for the healing to begin. It says nothing about this in the skill descriptions however (And it should) but there you are.
          And yes Papas, I agree. But I am going to try a 2-Tank team just to see how this approach works....I 'll let you know how it goes....Thanks.