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  • Missing Guild Contribution

    So I've noticed that some events "award" guild contribution, but don't actually give any.
    I've noticed it in Team Instance and now Guild Skirmish. Please fix as it is actually unfair because it helps to level guilds and stats (from guild tech)
    Screenshot from after Guild Skirmish

    Screenshot after Guild Skimish Finished 07/07/17 s.43
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    While they show as 0 on the tally; includes the 0 for guild boss as well, they do add to your total. For example if said amount would reach your next guild skill upgrade, even though it doesn't show it being their right then, it will still allow you to do so as if it was correctly added. What happens isn't that you're not getting any of it, but instead there's a delay on your in guild total and the null value in the chat, but paying attention to chat collection has never really been a good idea. If you choose to wait; though sometimes this can take quite awhile, it does eventually register for your contribution total had you not used it already.
    Also, to clear one other thing up, not all gained guild points also help level the guild. Any that when collecting/using only displays the purple icon(contribution) and not the additional orange(guild wealth) only adds to your personal total not the guilds.
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