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Pay Nice? but like rank lost or cheats for admin?

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  • Pay Nice? but like rank lost or cheats for admin?

    im play server 41 name SONIC is nice rank 1st.

    But .......

    why like weak for OPEN CHEST is daily event ?

    3 day ago .... 10:30 is 80 Diamonds after 15:30 NO DIAMONDS !!!
    2 day ago .... 10:30 is 160 Diamonds after 15:30 NO DIAMONDS !!!
    1 day ago ... 10:30 is NO DIAMONDS !!! after 15:30 NO DIAMONDS !!!
    TODAY ....... 10:30 NO DIAMONDS !!!! AFTER 15:30 160 Diamonds

    Why like weak chest for me ?


    lucky 75% from guild Mist like for have nice more more diamonds 80 and 200 is too much from SERVER 41 ? ha.

    Hello admin what nice? for i pay 10$ per day total my 360$
    for like weak daily event and TREASURE weak is nothing ?


    Thanks for nice play sucks.

    End no more pay vip the **** !

    For nice free cool and thanks sucks.

    but no pay for is end for only free play normal sucks !

    Understand ok thanks you the **** admin funny.

    If banned me ? Hahaha thanks you sucks, you are thief **** fraud !!!!!!!!!

    If sorry for me ? Ok no problem can you solve for player all on lucky 25% and same me 25% is nice for normal. !

    If no solve for only lucy random ?
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    Your rank doesn't mean anything in chest event, it's a random drop event. Are you saying cos your ranked 1st you should win more than others? Lots of players don't win diamonds on the chest event everyday, hence it's called a random drop event. If you don't want to play that's your choice but you can't expect to win lots of diamonds on a free event no matter what your rank or vip level.