God Wars servers shutting down

Dear Players, we regret to announce that God Wars will officially shut down on July 21st @ 12:00 GMT+8. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information regarding the shutdown can be found here:
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refreshing in team tournament.

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  • refreshing in team tournament.

    so beside the system isn't fair and we don't always find a fair opponent!
    finally when I found someone who I can get shards from they just refresh the page so I get nothing,
    yes I win I get that 100 prestige but we play tournament for shards most the time.

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    My favourite when they refresh the browser while we battling. But then I take the wing shards.


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      there was another page on this somewhere it is a pain and is better if refresh in fight as Annie said you still get wing shards but we have all been there


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        sadly for me they never refresh in middle of battle, always before battle!
        I suggest maybe it's better to make it without that 20 second wait in tournament so they don't have the chance to refresh before fight, right?
        hopefully anyone of the admins see this post.


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          I don't even know what the reason to refresh, the event is 30 minute long everyone can easily finish all 10 attempts.
          like seriously without this kind of people I should've done with tournament wings already.


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            Hello Mesho! Do you know the term strategy? It may be a bug but I consider it a strategy to weaken those who do not yet have all the wings. For the strongest that already has all the wings is even better because it ends the event faster. However, I believe it should be corrected.


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              Originally posted by hugopaiva View Post
              Hello Mesho! Do you know the term strategy? It may be a bug but I consider it a strategy to weaken those who do not yet have all the wings.

              I have 3.2m BR and I give Wing Chest to people on my server if I see them. Stronger players will not just quit so that the other person gets a chest. Everyone needs Prestige. The people just quitting are sore losers or they are just frustrated because they keep getting people who are much stronger.


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                I just wanna finish my last tournament wing at max grade, then I won't need to win in tournament at leas for wing shards. I may do the same as chosen later when I'm done!! that's nice of you


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                  I never expected someone with more than 2mill BR will do this LOL